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Ionic Detox Foot Bath System
Feel more energetic, less tired and experience a greater feeling of health and well-being.... 

Ionic Detox Foot Bath, Detox Foot Spa Systems from Australian Supplier with 40% discount this month.
Our NEW Ionic Detox Foot Bath evolved from our desire to offer Australian Families a NEW and BETTER way to adopt more balanced healthier lifestyles.
We have been in the Holistic Industry for over 14 years and offer reliable ethical products at competitive prices. 
our NEW upgraded Gen4 LCD System are for those that cannot afford the Mary Staggs Ionic Detox System, but would still like an ethical quality system that offers a great treatment option but at an affordable price. 

The difference between our systems and other Brands for sale on the Australian Market including those sold on eBay, is that our MOST of the Arrays/Ionizers that are produced by Asian Manufactures use commercial grade stainless steel or aluminum and thus contain  heavy metal contaminants which could cause ill health and in the case of cadmium which has been linked to cancer.
The heavy metals in these arrays including cadmium could leach from the array during a treatment session and would be absorbed by you, your family or your client during the treatment session.

Our Ionic Detox Foot Spa Bath utilises our NEW Longer Lasting Superior quality 304L Surgical Stainless Plate Array  better for you, your family  and better for your clients and they DO NOT leach heavy metal contaminants including cadmium into the water which in itself could lead to heavy metal toxicity.  

It is good also for you to know about the electrode arrays/ionizers made from commercial grade stainless steel and other metals, if the electrode array/Ionizer is made from commercial grade stainless steel they can be very dangerous, as this kind of steel contain Cadmium, to make them more flexible and resistant. Cadmium is as toxic as Mercury. 

The metals used in these electrode arrays/ionizers from other brand systems could contain higher levels of Iron, Silica, Cadmium, Zinc, Carbon, Manganese, Chromium, Vanadium, Tungsten and some copper, brass, aluminum and if soldered, then also Lead and Tin and many other compounds.
Another important factor is Electrical Safety, all our systems meet ALL Standards required by the Australian Government for supply
 within Australia

The Ionic Detox Foot Spa Bath system is a holistic inoffensive therapy that may assist your body in its natural elimination process. The system consists of a LCD Display Control Pod (Control Unit), Foot Bowl, Dual Coil Array which is made from surgical grade stainless steel (ionizer) which all connects to the Control Pod. Ionic Detox Foot Bath is a simple yet very powerful system that may In the course of a full treatment regime, enable the body to re-balance and re-energize allowing toxic wastes that have been recently stored within your body to be released more effectively, which in turn will allow nutrients and oxygen to be absorbed more readily thus promoting a better sense of well-being and improved health. 

Our Ionic Detox Foot Bath Systems are NOT available from any other supplier within Australia and are available in both Home and Business Packages.
We offer you as a customer Reliability and access to replacement consumables 24/7 Online or by calling our Local Call Number
1300 212 498 during business hours. 


Your Ionic Detox Foot Bath (LCD Display) System will come complete with the following:
Ionic Detox Foot Bath Spa System PLUS 
NEW Upgraded GEN4
with LCD Display
Control Pod
GEN4 with LCD Display, 3 treatment modes and alternating polarity.
Blue Foot Basin with fitted liners
NEW 304L Dual Coil or Plate Array  - 100+ uses
Bio-degradable Cleaning Fluid
Himalayan Crystal Salt
Instruction Manual
FULL Back and Support
by calling our local call Number

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Ionic Detox Foot Bath PLUS (LCD Display) SAVE 30%

EXCELLENT System for extended Home Use or small Business with LCD Display.

Supplied with Ionic Detox Foot Bath System Output 15v.

1 x NEW Upgraded Gen4 LCD Display Controller Output 15v
(with 3 treatment modes)
1 x Foot Basin with fitted liners
1 x Australian Approved Power Supply
2 x Arrays 304L Stainless Steel - 100+ uses
2 x Array Cleaning Fluid
1 x Large Himalayan Crystal Salt
Product Handbook
12 months Australian Warranty
RRP $1,1100.00

Special Offer
Price: $1,100.00 $770.00
ORIGINAL Ionic Detox Foot Bath PLUS ~ SAVE over 40%

Pioneered and Developed by Dr. Mary Staggs in EUROPE

Unbeatable value with a saving of $500.00 on our RRP

Now with NEW re-calibrated design controller

Mary Staggs Detox System
Complete with:-

2 x MSD Arrays
2 x Cleaning Solution
1 x Pack Sample Liners
12 months Warranty
Operational Handbook

IN STOCK ready to go >>>

Special Offer
Price: $2,495.00 $1,995.00

All Information presented is for educational information purposes ONLY and are excerpts taken from publications of the leading authorities in the use of the above technology.
.......please be advised that the Ionic Detox Foot Bath System for sale are not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or health condition and they are not a  Medical Device. Please, consult your primary health care provider if you have any questions on the use of any of our Products. 

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