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ePlus Ion Spa Systems
(Ion Secret)

If you purchased a ePlus Ion Spa System from Ion Secret, we are sorry but we can NO longer get Arrays for these system.

We can however adapt your ePlus Ion Spa Controller to enable your system to use any of the Arrays that we sell below.

There is a cost involved to adapt the systems by our Electrical Engineer, purchase below:-

ePlus Ion Spa | Array Adapter Cable

This cable fits into the original array socket on your e-plus ion spa controller, which then allows you to plug any long jack plug array into this for treatments.
Price: $175.00

Living Clay Company Edible Detox Clay Products | Your Body in Balance

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil Products | Your Body in Balance

Ear Candles by Naturhelix the natural remedy for many problems of the Ear.

SIBO Ion Cleanse System 24v SB902

**** RRP $2,995.00 ****

24v System
Complete with

Sibo Integrated System
2 x WHITE ROHS certified Arrays
(each will last about 60 uses)
Power Supply

PLEASE Note this system comes with our WHITE ROHS certified Arrays and not the black arrays shown in picture.

ONLY 3 available at
Our Special
Price: $2,995.00 $1,995.00
Libra Blue Plate Array/Energizer
Blue Plate Array also suitable for use with our Ionic Detox Foot Bath System, each offer up to 50-60 uses depending on water quality and care.

Our Arrays use High Quality Plate Stainless Steel with low nickel content. This generally leads to better array life expectancy and the plate surface area generates a stronger electromagnetic field.

Price: $89.50
Himalayan Crystal Salt ~ 500g
Himalayan Crystal Salt Fine (Pink) for using with ALL our Detox Systems to enhance your treatment.

Our salt is NOT refined or aldultered in any way.
Price: $18.95
IDFB Array/Energizer Cleaning Fluid
(makes 600ml)

Bio-degradable for cleaning your Ionic Detox Foot Bath Arrays.

PLEASE be advised that we DO NOT sell the Cleaning Solution on its own, it can ONLY be purchased in conjunction with an Array
Price: $28.50
Belava Foot Basin with fitted liners
EXTRA Belava Foot Basin to use with our LONG Cable Array Business package complete with 20 fitted liners offering your clients a more hygienic treatment.

We are proud to offer an original and simple solution in the effort to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungus and other infections through the use of a foot bath.

This Belava foot basin can also be used as a PEDICURE Tub.
Price: $94.95
Fitted Liners x 50
for Belava Ionic Detox Foot Bath Basin

Disposable liners for Belava pedicure tub will make it easy and efficient to comply with the sanitation requirements

•Guarantees a worry-free salon visit for every client
•Save time between appointments: replace the used liner with the fresh one in no time
•Shaped to fit snugly in the basin
•The liners are textured at the bottom to enhance the experience
Price: $89.00
Ear Candles
Quality all natural ORGANIC Beeswax Ear Candles.

Each pack contains 10 Ear Candles (5 Pairs)
Protective Disc

Full Colour Instructions

RRP $72.50

Our Special
Price: $49.50
Scents Available: